Hello, this is えびわらー!

Here are the results for the Spring Breeze Cup that happened last weekend!

Winner: ゆうだちさん (@yuudachi_poke)
2nd place: リグナさん (@riggna_poke)
3rd place: イサミさん (@Lucario_isa)
4th place: KKTRさん (@kkt_witte_r)


Here is the URL to the whole result of the tournament.


Usage statistics and Battle Video will be posted by e-sport runner today.
so please check it out!

e-sport runner account 【@VGC_eSR】

Also, if there is any blog post of party used for this tournament that you would like me to spread,
please let me know via DM or comments! I will advertise it for you!\(^o^)/

Big thanks to everyone who have participated in this tournament! We were able to get over 100 participants.( ;∀;)
I hope to see you all back if I hold another tournament like this!

えびわらー (@ebiwara_CKP)
きりゅー (@kiryu_722)


If there are any advice for things that could have been better, please send me a DM or comment!
I will try my best to apply it for the next tournament!

Also, from the next tournament, I would greatly appriciate if you could read the tournament description!
There were many people who did not get the memo for taking Usage statistics or what to do in a case of disconnect. ( ;∀;)